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CDCFR is a public organization which parents, grandparents, and civilians can use to expose unethical or illegal behavior by CPS involved entities, network with others, find events local and national, and empower true change through reform of DCF aka The Department of Children and Families. We are the voice of the people. We are not a governmental entity. All of our reports are anonymously authored. CDCFR is formally known as "RASW".


Our mission is simple yet complex. Unite voices from across the USA, UK, and CA to make our complaints heard in a public forum, not hidden in secret courts, and demand reform via social actions. We believe reform is possible with consistent efforts and real action such as protesting and public speaking. We are based out of Massachusetts but offer support nationwide. We organize local events to reach out to MA citizens to offer advocacy and assistance with like minded groups.


When you report an offender to our database that information is added to our system and translated into a custom URL link. This allows other persons to be warned of individuals who routinely commit unethical or illegal acts. We offer extensive support to local organizations to help organize events, charities, and more. We have many members with a singular goal in mind - reform and justice. Membership is totally free, private, and you can use it to network locally or nationally.

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CDCFR has expanded its Facebook groups. We now offer groups for Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. We plan to expand to all states very soon. We are seeking admins for our new groups. Message the group page if you are interested! These new groups will unite our cause nationwide while allowing local members to plan rallies and meetups. Check below for group links. New groups added daily.

Rally Events

Coming Soon:

TBA  Taunton MA
TBA  Springfield MA

View our events page for more information.


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Browse or search reports of illegal or unethical acts by CPS nationally, or by state.

CPS Crimes Graphed

RASW's 2018 Survey Results. Data is ongoing until the end of 2018. Data represents real answers to surveyed persons within the USA who have faced CPS personally. Take part in our confidential survey and help us paint a real picture of CPS within the USA.