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CDCFR is a public organization which parents, grandparents, and civilians can use to expose unethical or illegal behavior by CPS involved entities, network with others, find events local and national, and empower true change through reform of DCF aka The Department of Children and Families. We are the voice of the people. We are not a governmental entity. All of our reports are anonymously authored. CDCFR is formally known as “RASW”.


Our mission is simple yet complex. Unite voices from across the USA, UK, and CA to make our complaints heard in a public forum, not hidden in secret courts, and demand reform via social actions. We believe reform is possible with consistent efforts and real action such as protesting and public speaking. We are based out of Massachusetts but offer support nationwide. We organize local events to reach out to MA citizens to offer advocacy and assistance with like-minded groups.


When you report an offender to our database that information is added to our system and translated into a custom URL link. This allows other persons to be warned of individuals who routinely commit unethical or illegal acts. We offer extensive support to local organizations to help organize events, charities, and more. We have many members with a singular goal in mind – reform and justice. Membership is totally free, private, and you can use it to network locally or nationally.



While having a child protection system is vital to our social structure the deception, law-breaking, and injustice is rampant within CPS. This is a nationwide problem which does not discriminate. Most parents do not understand this until they become subject to an investigation and find themselves completely unprepared. Social workers tend to take advantage of this and act in unacceptable manners, breaking their own policies and laws in the process. Parents then complain to their ombudsman’s office, politicians, courts, and so on. Often these complaints go completely ignored. With little to no recourse to report this unethical and illegal behavior, and no laws protecting parental rights within most states, parents have been denied any real method of justice or stopping this behavior. Reform is needed and children and parents will continue to be victimized until this occurs.  While there are many wonderful social workers it is often the poorly trained or vindictive ones that rip children from their families and destroy family structures. These social workers go unreprimanded and rarely face consequences. Our solution is exposure, public awareness, and ultimately reform. CDCFR allows the public to report these social workers by name and expose their actions to the nation. You can do this completely anonymously and your report becomes searchable online. This helps other parents being targeted by the same poorly trained workers. Parents can interact with each other, manage their reports, and exchange information and ideas on our forums. Understanding your social worker can help you prevent injustice before it even begins. Parents can interact with other parents from their local towns and cities as well. We are a global group of parents and family members seeking CPS reform and justice. We are not a governmental agency. No action will be taken on a report, however, the report will become public which assists us in our mission goals and lends a voice to silenced parents. Reports create a public record of the mass injustice.

Important Notices

*WE HAVE A NEW NAME! CDCFR was formally known as RASW or Report A Social Worker. You will begin to see all of our old logos and names transitioned over to our new identity – but do not worry we are the same group you have come to know! We have grown, evolved, and refocused our goals and thus a new name was fitting.

*Our Protest Event is was scheduled for July 21st and it was a huge success! New events coming very soon!

*We have launched a private group. The new link is here.

*The FHF Fund has been closed until further notice.

*Our Featured Families Project has been restarted, to submit your story you must become a member then navigate to your account dashboard for more information. We will be focusing on this project for the month of August. If you would like to be featured head over to your member account dashboard for details. 

*We are seeking to add more links to our support page, if you have a CPS related website or group please submit it for consideration

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