Terms and Conditions

We collect minimal data to:

  • Register users to use our site functions.
  • Allow users to post, edit, and delete reports.
  • Communicate with other users.
  • Allow users to edit their profile information.
  • Allow users to partake in our forums.
  • We do not require users to provide detailed identifying information.
  • We do not store any data to identify users.

You agree to abide by these rules when using the site:

  • Refrain from harassment, or otherwise bullying of other users.
  • Refrain from posting false or misleading information and will only post true reports.
  • Registration for the sole purpose of spying on or harassment of users will result in a permanent IP block.
  • You will follow and abide by all the rules within our forum discussions.
  • At any time we may terminate your account pending review to verify to authors identity if abuse of TOS is suspected.

If you have questions or issues with reports and/or information on this site:

  • We are immune from author-generated content under the Communications Decency Act.
  • We do not remove reports without a court order stating the report is factually false.
  • Court orders must include the exact URL of the information in question, including in the order the actual defamatory statements – making it clear why the particular post is unlawful.
  • Alternatively, you may request CDCFR to perform mediation and investigate a false report claim by emailing our administrative office at contact@reformDCF.org.
  • If you suspect you are the subject of a report we always recommend contacting the suspected report to try to work things out before requesting mediation as this is usually the fastest way to resolve complaints regarding site content.
  • Be aware that all communications sent to CDCFR for purposes of submitting a complaint against user-generated content are recorded and kept on file for up to 5 years and can and will be used in court complaints.
  • We do not produce any “reports” featured on this site, we maintain the database solely.


The data we collect is subject to privacy law.

We do not keep records of authors and allow anonymous authoring of reports.

CDCFR is based in the United States and thus subject to US law.

The best way not to end up on this database is to simply follow the law.

Any reports authored by CPS workers or other Family Court Actors which report illegal or unethical behaviors within their workplace will be protected to the fullest extent of the law.